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Warehouse Management

A Seamless Combination of Technologies that enable improved operational agility, performance and collaboration

Logistics Management

Serving key logistics companies in Africa for more than 25 Years

Transport Management

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Third Party Logistics

More than 10 million transactions are  processed by Dovetail’s Software Monthly

Leading Logistics Solutions

Dovetail Business Solutions is the leading logistics software provider in the African sphere. With more than 27 years of experience in innovating and implementing logistics software solutions, the company has helped its clients to grow and maximize their supply chain and business processes and has provided them with a sustainable competitive advantage.

As the African continent has grown and advanced with regard to technology innovation and supply chain efficiencies Dovetail has innovated its solutions to comply with both global standards and African requirements. As the African logistics environment comprises unique challenges and opportunities, Dovetail’s logistics management software solutions are optimised to cater for Supply Chain optimization in this environment.

With Dovetail’s logistics software solutions, companies can save costs, increase efficiencies, ensure competitiveness and enable growth.

Optimised Solution Fleet

Dovetail’s Logistics Management solutions comprise all sphere of the logistics and automation industries. Dovetail does not only cater for increased logistics management and efficiencies but also enables automation in all spheres of the supply chain as well as administration, such as document management and billing management.

Dovetail is known for being the first choice in logistics software and ensures that its clients have access to a wide range of software solutions aimed at ensuring that they can continue to meet the growing requirements form customers, global pressures and competition and that they can positively contribute to the growing economy of the African continent.

Currently Dovetail’s software solutions are deployed in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe Lesotho Botswana, Kenya, Namibia. Australia and the United Kingdom.

Our Services

Software Solutions

Dovetail comprises a team of well-established innovators in the logistics and business management industries. We tailor make and configure IT solutions to suit your requirements and ensure growth and prosperity.

Logistics Software

Dovetail offers logistics software solutions that are configurable to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for its clients. Dovetail’s logistics software solutions comprise, warehousing, courier, transport, RFID, business intelligence and automation software applications.

Business Software

Dovetail’s business software solutions is called eSolutions and comprise document and billing management software aimed at automating and optimising document and billing ,management processes. Further, Dovetail offers a customer portal with it eSolutions platform, further enabling clients increased visibility, communication and control over business processes.

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