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4 Ways Courier Software Increases Visibility

Customers are constantly on the quest, looking for businesses that will deliver their packages in the fastest time. During the delivery process, they expect to have insight into the location of their products which is why many businesses have started using courier software to gain visibility during the delivery process as it enables them to meet customer expectations.

How courier software works

Courier software assists transport companies in running their business more efficiently as it has features such as dispatching, reporting and scheduling. The software is beneficial for companies as it automates manual tasks allowing dispatchers to focus on tasks that only they could handle.

How courier software increases visibility

Visibility is an emerging business requirement for businesses in the logistics and transport industry. For carriers, visibility refers to having transparency of routes, locations, and jobs status. For drivers, visibility means clear instructions about assigned tasks and having a system that optimises delivery routes. For customers, visibility includes having access to real-time information about delivery location and status updates throughout the delivery process. Courier software can increase visibility for all parties involved in the delivery process, and we will look at how it can do that.

  1. Job creation and dispatching
    The key to achieving visibility throughout the delivery process is a centralised dispatching system. The dispatching system is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere as long as the device being used has internet connectivity. For the business to create jobs, they need to enter the required information, including the requested date, the parcel type, pickup and delivery addresses, and any details about the delivery, such as the pieces that need to be delivered for the job.
    After the jobs have been created and the labels required for deliveries have been printed, you can move to the next step, assigning jobs to drivers. Using the dispatch portal with an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can view all unassigned delivery jobs to available delivery drivers. To make the dispatching of jobs more manageable for you, the software has tools that enable you to automate the dispatch process based on routes, optimising jobs and ensuring quicker delivery time. On the dispatch portal, each driver has their own profile associated with their vehicle and shows critical information, including their real-time location, the weight of their current load, route information, scheduled delivery time for every job, expected delivery time, and the number of queued assigned jobs. This information is crucial as it will assist in choosing the best-suited driver for delivery.
  2. Real-time track and trace
    Once drivers have been assigned deliveries to manage, the drivers will provide you with real-time delivery updates from the field as the software has a synchronised mobile app. When drivers receive the packages for deliveries, they will have to scan the barcodes on the package, which updates the package’s status as “picked up” as it will change the dispatch status. Drivers can also update the delivery status while in transit and when they have delivered the package. Drivers do not have to update statuses on the field. The software has a track and trace system that automatically updates the dispatch and customer-facing tracking systems with real-time information generated from the driver’s GPS coordinates from the driver’s mobile device.
  3. Enhance route optimisation
    Route optimisation is essential when trying to increase efficiency during the delivery process. When conducting deliveries, drivers may encounter issues that could delay deliveries. Since courier software has GPS tracking, you can see when drivers face any unexpected challenges while on the road, such as traffic. When these issues arise, the software will suggest alternative routes ensuring that packages are delivered in the fastest time.
  4. Electronic proof of delivery
    When drivers reach their destination to deliver packages to customers, they only need to scan the package’s barcode, confirm the receipt by capturing the customer’s signature and update the delivery status on the mobile app. Courier software will automatically provide your customers with all the delivery documentation once deliveries have been completed, so you do not have to. The software will also send out the invoice for deliveries immediately without waiting for paperwork to arrive back at the office, ensuring that you reduce the payment cycle.


Visibility is crucial for transport companies as it addresses the common issues they encounter in the delivery process. Courier software assists by ensuring that there is paperless proof of delivery and that businesses can become more transparent with their customers by providing shipment status and location.