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With all kinds of business processes being completed online today, it has become essential to track and document each activity for future reference. This is all the more important in the logistics industry. As everything from order placement to delivery is handled online, it is necessary to make the shipping and delivery process as transparent to the customer as possible. This is a key area that can make or break your business’ customer experience.

Customers wish to know and track where their shipments are and receive delivery confirmations. This is where the Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system plays a very important role.

What is mobile ePOD software?

Mobile ePOD software is a mobile application software that provides real-time delivery updates and confirmation using tools like signature capture and GPS coordinates. It can also provide customer account information and inventory tracking to make the delivery process easier and more streamlined for the delivery personnel.

Using ePOD software ensures that your deliveries are accurate and hassle-free. It helps improve customer experience and also allows you to keep track of your shipments and their timely delivery.

Why do you need a mobile ePOD software?

Logistics companies have been relying on manual paperwork for delivery confirmation for long. This data needs to be manually uploaded to the system, and this is unnecessary wastage of both time and resources. Not only does it increase the workload for the employees, but it also leaves scope for human errors and delays.

The logistics industry today cannot afford to rely on such processes anymore, and so it is necessary to adopt technology that makes the delivery confirmation process much smoother and faster. Paper-based systems cannot keep pace with the super-fast delivery options that logistics provides in today’s world.

Using ePOD software, along with other tools like Warehouse Management Systems, Transport Management Systems, and Enterprise resource planning systems, can be your key to a better delivery service.

Here are five mobile ePOD software benefits that can give your logistics business a much-needed boost:

1. Improved customer service

Customer goodwill is indispensable for any business. We are all trying to create and maintain a loyal customer base through our customer service efforts. Using a mobile ePOD software can be very helpful in improving your customers’ experience with the shipping and delivery of products.

Customers find it much easier to confirm delivery on an ePOD system rather than having to manually fill forms. Many ePOD systems also allow you to customize deliveries based on customer preferences. For example, you can ask customers whether the delivery address is a home or an office address and schedule delivery accordingly. Any other preference or information provided by the customer can be immediately uploaded to the system for future deliveries.

2. Increased productivity

Manual paperwork is not just time-consuming but also full of hassles. The delivery personnel has to carry along all the forms and address lists. Loose paper tends to fall out of the bunch, and paper gets worn out on repeated use. This can often be cumbersome and frustrating, reducing your delivery executive’s productivity.

With a mobile ePOD system, all you need is a mobile device. From confirming delivery to taking the customer’s signature, everything can be done just through a mobile application. The ePOD system will also have all the required information that the executive might need prior to a pick-up or delivery, making the process much more streamlined. This makes your employees more productive and efficient.

3. Faster communication

With paper-based delivery confirmation, the intended recipient doesn’t get to know if the product is received by someone else on his or her behalf. There may often be issues arising from wrong delivery or miscommunication in these cases. But with a mobile ePOD system, communication is very quick and easy. Customers receive a notification on their registered mobile number or email id as soon as a delivery is made. Some systems even send information as to who has received the package on behalf of the customer.

This can be great for trust-building and transparency. It frees the logistics company of any false allegations later, as well as ensures the customer that their package is safely and correctly delivered.

4. Reduced risk

Paper-based documentation has many drawbacks, apart from being slow and cumbersome. There are many chances of data being lost or misplaced. There may also be errors in recording or uploading the data to the system. Minor errors like these may pile up to incur huge losses for the company.

With mobile ePOD software, the data is automatically updated in the system in real-time. So, you don’t have to invest in manpower or other resources for data entry. Also, since the data is verified by many stakeholders, including customers, the delivery executives, and other employees keeping track of deliveries, there is very little scope for errors to occur. Even if errors do occur, they can be quickly detected and reported.

5. Faster dispute resolution

Dispute resolution becomes much faster and easier with mobile ePOD software. As all data is recorded in the system, any claims made by customers can be immediately verified, and issues can be very quickly resolved. All communication can be done through the system and there is no scope for false claims being entertained or genuine claims being neglected.

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