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The success and survival of a business is determined by its ability to satisfy the demands of their consumers. In order for them to fulfill these demands, they need to ensure that their workers are constantly being productive. Keeping staff morale high should be a priority for the business and Warehouse Management Software assists businesses reduce workplace anxiety and stress that workers are likely to face.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is a system that offers full visibility into the business’ inventory and supply chain operations. WMS helps businesses achieve a well functioning logistic system as it allows them to take control of their product and manage the process from storage, shipment and distribution. This system makes operations efficient and productive and its primary objective is to keep operations costs low while maximizing profit margins.


What Does WMS Offer?


Logistic companies implement WMS to assist the supply chain, it offers many features and functions that help achieve this objective such as:

  • Picking Process

This function guides warehouse workers on how to fill the orders that they have received. They are able to carry out pick-and-pack tasks through wave picking, zone picking, batch picking and many more functions. It is useful for those companies who package their products for different customers under the same brand as they are able to better customize them.

  • Customized Reporting

This function compiles customized reports of workers that keep record of whether or not they are meeting regulatory requirements in the supply chain. This allows managers to monitor warehouse operations as well as worker performance and areas of improvement.


  • Inventory Tracking

Through tracking systems such as RIFD or barcode scanners, products are easy to track which saves time and make it easier to dispatch goods. Logging of activities such as internal warehouse movement and other activities relating to inventory can be written. This saves expenses and also allows operations to run smoother.




Role of WMS in Warehousing


Warehouse Management Software plays an important role in assisting operations and management of the warehouse, the following are examples of the role it can play in the warehouse.


  • Inventory Control and Management

This feature assists businesses with improving the accuracy of the inventory. WMS manages inventory in an easy, fast and efficient manner. It improves the accuracy through reducing the time of order cycles which in turn improves order fulfillment.

WMS allows inventory tracking for each inventory level and tracks every aspect using real-time information. It processes delivered inventory and allocates warehouse space to them. This process is either automatic or manual.


  • Centralized Location

Centralized location offered by WMS saves both time and costs as it overcomes production gaps from storage, shipping and distribution. It makes it easier to reach suppliers as well as the target market. This ensures the continuous flow of goods from the logistics supply chain system. There is then fulfillment of customer orders as well as them  receiving the right product orders on time.


  • Improve Production Quality

WMS is able to improve production quality by offering effective inventory quality and management. By monitoring the production processes, businesses are able to stay up to date with suppliers and track the raw materials or their product shelf life. This ensures that they always have high-quality finished products and they are able to get rid of defective goods.

When they have high-quality goods, they are able to offer high-quality services, this leads to improved order processing. This can ensure that the business is always being productive and that there is high-quality control.


  • Risk Management

Businesses should constantly be aware of any changes in demand and supply in order to avoid losses. WMS is able to do that as it offers real-time information about the decrease and increase in product demand. This essentially saves businesses from either oversupplying goods and having to decrease prices as they are able make the selling decisions beforehand.




Ways WMS Can Increase Employee Productivity


WMS not only assists the warehouse and the business, it plays a vital role in increasing worker morale. Here are 6 ways it can increase employee productivity:

1. Minimizes Errors

Through the usage of software programs, warehouses are able to identity quickly and sort out received items, record them electronically and transfer the information to the ERP database. Employees can use this in order to avoid errors made through manual methods. The system allows individual accounts for data entry; this increases accountability and decreases errors made by employees.


2. Reduced Overtime

WMS improves the level of efficiency within the warehouse. The improvement in productivity due to effective inventory quality and management results in employees working fewer hours. This reduces the need for overtime hours for the staff.


 3. Offers Simplicity

The functionality offered by WMS due to increased processes and standardization of processes makes day-to-day operations easier. Workers can focus on other issues as containing costs. These changes create a flexible warehouse which allows change to occur. They can also focus on the bigger and more important aspects of their job.


4. Increased Accuracy

When there is increased accuracy, it reduces the number of mistakes being made by employees within the warehouse. This can in turn increase morale as employees are less stressed and anxious.


5. Labour Incentives due to KPIs

Managers are able to monitor the performance of warehouse workers using key performance indicators. The real-time data offered by WMS about employee performance and efficiency makes it easier for companies to implement incentive policies due to their individual performance.


6. Offers Real-Time Visibility

Employees obtain real-time information about client shipments. This makes it easier to create individualized solutions that is accurate through integrated hardware and software programs.