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Setting up a business is a huge investment on your part. You are investing valuable time, energy, and money into your venture. You cannot afford to lose all of this to one little mishap. We don’t even buy a car or a house without getting insurance coverage. Then why run a business without a disaster recovery plan?

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery refers to a backup plan that can help you recover all your data in the event of a crisis or an accident. This is more relevant to businesses that have most of their important information and data on online servers. The loss of such data can be a big drawback for a business, and even a simple blunder may cause huge monetary losses.

IT disasters are not uncommon. With hackers attacking servers or fires breaking out in the server room, there is no dearth of threats to a company’s crucial data. Under such circumstances, it is important to have a backup plan for immediate data recovery with minimum loss. Be it because of a natural disaster, human error, hardware failure, or cyberattack, the damage caused must not be permanent. That is why disaster recovery is important for a company, as such disasters are bound to happen some time or the other.

If these disaster recovery advantages are not convincing enough for you, here is a list of seven reasons why you should have a disaster recovery system for your business.

Machines are not failproof

If you haven’t realized this yet, most of the data related to your business is being handled by machines. It sure looks like we are in control until just one of the components of this network of machines fail. Machines are not failproof. You cannot expect your system to keep running smoothly for its entire lifetime. There will be hardware issues, network failures, or other IT infrastructure issues that can put your data at risk.

You cannot prevent a disaster due to system failure, but you can still be prepared for it. Having a data recovery system will keep you in a safe spot when there is a system failure.

Neither are humans

In fact, on many occasions, machines are still more reliable than humans. Because after all, to err is human, isn’t it.? Human errors are not uncommon in any business; in some particular areas, even the smallest human error can cause major damage. You will know if you have ever accidentally deleted files from your computer or overwritten a document without saving the original. These are just miniature versions of human errors that could cause large-scale damages in a business.

A simple mistake, like deleting a file accidentally from a hoard of files or wrong data entry in a list of thousands is among the toughest issues to detect and solve. A disaster recovery system will let you easily restore your files or detect errors in data. It can also prevent security breaches from occurring if someone accidentally disables firewalls or anti-spyware.

Customer expectations

Customers today are very aware and know what they should expect from a business. It won’t be long before you come across a customer who inquires about your data recovery system; if someone hasn’t already. Customers know that their data will be retained on your system and want to be doubly sure if they can trust your company with it.

Having a robust data recovery system will give you an added advantage in maintaining customer goodwill and winning their trust. Customer retention for your business will be much better if you have a secure environment and have measures in place to avert a disaster.

System outages can be expensive

Let us assume that the disaster in question is nothing very serious. You may not have lost all your data, or your systems may be under a cyberattack. It could be just a minor glitch in the system that can be corrected in a week. But your business cannot afford to wait that long.

Even a minor system failure may stall all your operations for days. And you know that every minute counts for your business. A disaster recovery solution will prevent such long downtimes.

Even a single weak link is a big threat

Your system and IT infrastructure may be robust and foolproof, but even a single weak link can be a huge threat to the entire system, particularly if your business deals with sensitive data. And there is always the probability of having a weak link or two however robust the system may be.

To be safe from such threats, your business essentially needs a disaster recovery plan that can backup all the data, and recover when needed.

A challenge for your competitors

Having a strong disaster recovery solution for your business also gives you an edge over your competitors. Customers today have an array of options laid out in front of them. If you cannot provide them the much-needed security and assurance that their data is safe with you, there are hundred other companies waiting in line to rope in your customers.

So, a good disaster recovery solution is essential to compete in the market.


Hackers are undoubtedly one of the biggest threats to your business. Cybersecurity is an aspect of your business that you cannot overlook, and one important tool that helps you in keeping your data secure is a disaster recovery solution. Even in the event of a cyberattack, you can avoid losing all your data as long as you have a disaster recovery plan ready.