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About Dovetail Business Solutions

About Us

Dovetail specialises in providing the leading logistics and business management software solutions on a global basis with a focus on the African continent. Our mission is to help our clients improve their operational effectiveness and create a sustainable competitive advantage through the deployment of these software solutions.

Dovetail’s software solution suite comprises both transport, warehouse and mobility software solutions that assist companies with the integration and optimisation of software processes. With more than 20 years of experience in the African region Dovetail configures its software solutions to meet global demands and cater for local requirements.

At Dovetail we recognise the importance that technological innovation plays in business resilience and growth and aim to assist our clients to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage in a marketplace which is now global.

What sets us apart

The top four reasons our clients rate Dovetail as their “first choice”are:

  • FocusOur in-depth industry knowledge and steadfast service levels
  • Value:Our overall value for money surpasses the competition
  • RangeThe extent and depth of the solutions are simply the best available
  • StabilitySuccessfully serving an impressive client base since 1993

Who are we?

Dovetail comprises a unique team of dedicated professionals who all have a passion for the IT industry. Dovetail does not comprise employees but a  family of which each person forms a valuable link in the Dovetail chain, working together to innovate and optimise software solutions for transport, warehousing and logistics industries. Dovetail employees call themselves ‘Dovetailers’ and wear the Dovetail name with pride. 

Why use our Transport Software?

Dovetail’s Transport Software have been proven to be the First Choice in the African sphere. As Dovetail comprises individuals with both a passion and gift for technological innovation, we cater our solutions to our clients requirements and ensure that logistics industries across Africa can continue to grow, thrive, develop, and ultimately conduct business against the backbone of a resilient supply chain.

Why use our Warehouse Software Solutions?

Warehouse and distribution centers rely on warehouse software to increase operational efficiency and the timeline of information management.

Dovetail’s warehouse software management solutions comprise accounting software, inventory systems and track and trace technology.

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