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How Courier Software Optimizes Delivery Management

In a time where customers can get whatever they want with a few taps on their mobile devices, businesses need to ensure that they can easily reach their customers and provide them with the best services and goods. The delivery of quality products to customers can be difficult. However, courier software can assist delivery businesses in optimizing delivery management.

Courier software, also known as courier management software, refers to courier systems that assist businesses in managing the processing and delivery of goods from the transport hub until they reach the end customer. Courier software is used by delivery businesses for label printing, order entry, dispatch, driver allocation, route scheduling, reporting and analysis. Courier software ensures that delivery businesses improve efficiency throughout each delivery stage from receiving, loading, package tracking and the delivery of packages.


How Courier Software Optimizes Delivery Management?

  1. Job and delivery label creation
    One of the ways that courier software optimizes delivery is through a centralized dispatching system. The system is also cloud-based making it accessible from internet-connected devices. Businesses will be able to create jobs by entering information including the request date, parcel and service type, pickup and delivery addresses and any other details regarding the pieces that need to be included for the delivery.
  2. Job assignment and dispatching
    Once businesses have created jobs and the labels required for the delivery are printed, the next step is assigning the jobs to drivers. Courier software includes a dispatch portal that includes all the unassigned delivery jobs, as well as an easy drag-and-drop interface where jobs can be dispatched to the available delivery drivers. Drivers have their profiles that include information associated with their vehicles, such as the real-time location, weight of the current load, scheduled delivery time, route information and expected time of delivery. The software also allows you to automate the dispatching process using routes that optimize jobs.
  3. Route optimization
    Customers expect deliveries to arrive when you promised you would, which means that drivers will have to meet every allocated time for each window that they have each day. Courier software assists in route allocation, saving time and ensuring that you deliver parcels with optimal efficiency. All you need to do is scan deliveries into the app, and it will calculate the best route for you to use. The software considers the driver’s workflow, the distance between stops, the order of their stops, and historical delivery data. Using all these factors, the software will generate the most efficient route for drivers, ensuring that your business increases efficiency while meeting performance metrics.
  4.  Track and Trace
    Once jobs have been assigned to drivers, they will be able to receive real-time delivery updates while on the road from a synchronized mobile app on their mobile device. To start the process, the driver has to scan the barcode on the parcel and then they have to update the status as “picked up”. The software also allows drivers to update the delivery status while in transit and when the parcel has been delivered. If drivers do not update while in transit, the software also traces and tracks automatically, allowing it to update the dispatch and offer real-time location information from the driver’s mobile device and GPS coordinates.
  5. Electronic proof of delivery
    Once drivers reach the end customer to complete the delivery, they would need to scan the barcode on the parcel, capture the customer’s signature to confirm the receipt and update the delivery status on their mobile app. This ensures that customers automatically receive delivery documentation, and you don’t have to. Since courier software provides electronic proof of delivery, you can invoice customers immediately, reducing the payment cycle. The images captured from the delivery are also crucial as they will serve as a record of the delivery, which is essential if a customer claims that they did not receive their package.
  6. Analytics and reporting
    Authentic and timely data is crucial for delivery management, and courier software captures your data and personalizes it according to your preferences. Having access to data ensures that you minimize errors, such as drivers showing up to the wrong address; ensuring that customers have a better delivery experience. The software also provides flexible reporting, which can be customizable PDFs, simple spreadsheets, or in-depth analysis. Reporting is essential as the data gathered will provide performance metrics and determine areas where businesses can make improvements to increase efficiency.



Many issues occur in the delivery process that might lead to you underperforming, and one of the ways that you can ensure that your business increases efficiency is through courier software. The software guarantees that every process of the delivery becomes better.