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How Mobile ePOD Software Helps Cut Costs

Mobile ePOD software is essential for businesses as it creates a record of the services or goods delivered. The software sends documents that ensure that customers understand what has been delivered to them. We will look at some of the ways that the software assists in cutting costs.


Mobile ePOD Software Benefits


Electronic proof of delivery or ePOD refers to the digital format of traditional paper delivery orders. The software can be installed onto different mobile devices and ensures paperless data capture outside the office. There are many benefits of using ePOD software, and we will look at these.

1. Removes paperwork

ePOD software leaves time-consuming manual data entry and delays in data processing behind as well as lost or damaged paper delivery notes. Using ePOD software ensures that office-based staff also gain access to real-time data, reducing the administrative burden of dealing with paperwork.

2. Improves customer satisfaction

Customer expectations are always evolving, and companies must offer them proactive services and real-time interaction. With mobile ePOD software, businesses can provide their customers with pre-delivery notifications, delivery tracking, and post-delivery notifications, which ensure that they build trust with customers. It also reduces their chances of receiving negative feedback from customers.

3. Enhances real-time visibility

Using ePOD software, your office staff will receive real-time updates and the data received from the field, enabling them to respond quickly if any issues arise. The office staff will also have up-to-date information about delays that might occur and, if necessary, reallocate jobs between drivers to avoid late deliveries from happening.

4. Gathers data

ePOD software simplifies the collection of data recorded when drivers are on the field. It automatically creates dashboards to generate daily reports and trend analysis. The data generated can identify the areas that require immediate improvement.


How Mobile ePOD Software Helps Cut Costs


1. Streamlines processes

Mobile ePOD software can speed up various internal processes, such as manual data entry. Reducing piles of paper and delivery notes with electronic real-time data will reduce the hours that the office staff will have to spend manually inputting proof of delivery details.
The software also reduces data transmission between systems as it automatically transmits jobs from the order management system to the proof of delivery app.

Using mobile ePOD software also ensures that you automate pre-delivery customer notifications, which reduces inbound call volumes, frees up administrative resources, and provides a first-time delivery success.

2. Increases productivity of mobile staff

Mobile ePOD software includes a familiar smartphone format, making it easy for your workers to progress through the delivery steps quickly. The ease of the software means that it is less likely that they will make errors on forms, and it significantly reduces the need to ring in, which contributes to the completion of more jobs per day.

When using ePOD software, you can specify the order in which you would like the drivers to complete jobs, ensuring that you save costs using optimised routes. You also have the option to complete orders in whichever order you prefer, allowing you to skip some orders if necessary. You can miss orders due to response to on-the-day circumstances, increasing route productivity and reducing costly lost time.

3. Assists in reducing business risk

Many risks are associated with using paper invoicing and records, and mobile ePOD software reduces these risks. Not only is using electronic documentation crucial for having a better environmental footprint, but it is easy for physical documentation to be lost, damaged, misfiled or misread. However, when using ePOD software, all documentation is recorded and tracked digitally. The software can also have the proof of delivery data available in the invoicing system, enhancing productivity. The software also ensures that any problems that might arise will be dealt with in real-time, which provides significant risk limitations which can become costly if not managed well.

4. Provides instant access to data

Mobile ePOD software enables you to gain data by drivers in real-time. For office staff, this means that they can complete actions, such as generating invoices, reviewing data, resolving customer issues, rescheduling deliveries, and ordering replacement parts.
Using paper delivery notes for drivers can be challenging as it can result in drivers needing to spend time communicating with office staff asking for help with issues. However, using ePOD software enables drivers to view order and customer details quickly and any special instructions that you might add, all at the touch of a button. Drivers having access to this data at greater convenience reduces the chances of making mistakes that can be expensive.



ePOD assists in reducing delivery costs as it eliminates financial administration costs associated with claims management and invoice generation. The software also eliminates the costs involved when using paper-based forms and manual capture.