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Many factors influence an e-commerce business’ success, from ensuring that customers receive the right order and that deliveries occur in the quickest time possible. These businesses also need to meet customer expectations. Software plays a crucial role in meeting those expectations and achieving business success.

The software that assists e-commerce businesses in providing customers with quicker deliveries is eCommerce Delivery Software. eCommerce delivery software assists eCommerce businesses in managing their orders through their online store. By investing in this software, the business can expect to offer the customer a better delivery experience, increase profitability while also gaining full visibility of their logistics processes.

One way that eCommerce delivery ensures that deliveries are quicker is through streamlining the picking process, processing of orders and the delivery of products to the customer. eCommerce delivery software eliminates some of the issues in deliveries, like misplacing orders and complaints from customers about late deliveries.


Choosing the Right eCommerce Delivery Software for You


Order fulfilment and delivery are important for any eCommerce business, regardless of its size or what it specialises in. When looking to make use of eCommerce delivery software, it can be easy to choose as there are many choices to possibly pick from in the market. To choose the right software for your business, there are some considerations you should take into account that will make the process easier, and these are:


1. In-cart rating/ checkout


During the checkout process, you need to give the customer options to assist you in making a sale. Some businesses tend to offer one of two delivery options, either at a flat rate for delivery or free but slow deliveries. For example, if a customer were to place an order about a product that they needed the next day and required express delivery, which they were willing to pay for, the other delivery options offered would not be able to get their order on time.

Being unable to meet customer’s expectations would lead to abandoned carts. Therefore, you need to choose a software option that has in-carting rating tools that will enable you to provide delivery rates for the “express” overnight shipping option at checkout so that customers have more options that they require.


2. Label printing


Label printing is essential as it enables eCommerce businesses to connect their business with multiple carriers when they have ordered. Manually printing out labels is time-consuming as it involves copying and printing customer delivery details from the dashboard and pasting them to print out labels.

eCommerce delivery software ensures that carriers receive customer delivery details as they are transferred into the delivery dashboard, where the labels are printed out. Using e-commerce delivery to print out labels in bulk can improve the delivery process by making them faster. Another benefit of using label printing software is that eCommerce businesses can also receive delivery rate discounts.


3. Tracking and returns


Offering full visibility of the delivery process to customers should be a priority as they always want to know their products. To meet this need, you should aim to provide customers with real-time updates about their order locations and when they can expect to receive them. This occurs through label printing software that can provide tracking information to the customer when they click a link to the carrier company’s website using the tracking number they received. Alternatively, customers can receive SMSs and emails throughout the process.

Though no company likes dealing with returns, they are unavoidable as items can be damaged during the delivery or customers are not satisfied with the goods they ordered. eCommerce delivery software helps make the process easier for the customer as they have to enter their email address and their order number. After entering these details, the order details will pop up and provide the reasons for seeking a return. Customers have many options about how they are to receive the refund whether it will be in full or receiving store credit. The final part of the customer’s returns process includes them printing out the label and dropping off the package at the post office. Making use of eCommerce delivery software takes away all the hard work from the eCommerce business and guarantees customer satisfaction as the process is quick.


4. Third-party logistics


Meeting customer delivery demands while your business is expanding can make it difficult to meet those demands, which is why some companies choose to make use of third-party logistics. Using 3PL providers can help businesses who cannot afford to hire more staff and bigger warehouse space as 3PLs usually have the necessary equipment, tools, skills and infrastructure required to support your business functions.

Due to the expertise that 3PLs have, they enable you to provide quicker deliveries as they have more warehouses in many areas, which allows them to deliver products to the warehouse that is closest to the customer. The 3PL would be able to handle label printing and managing the operations required for deliveries.






With ever-increasing customer demands, eCommerce businesses need to have measures to ensure that they remain competitive. Taking advantage of eCommerce delivery software is one guaranteed way to achieve efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.





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