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Technological solutions come with a shelf life. They’re not designed to evolve. So, you need to make sure that they’re updated periodically. This applies to your document management solution as well. With the amount of information being produced today, it is necessary for organizations to find newer document management systems that can adapt to changing demands.

But how do you know if your document management system needs to be upgraded? Well, here are a few “signs” to look for.

Unproductive searches

One of the most basic features of a document management system is to make document retrieval easy. This applies to both soft and hard copies. Effective document management systems come with functions such as data capturing, indexing, and document management.

So, if your current system isn’t being too helpful in this area, you should consider upgrading it.

Limited scalability across the enterprise

You should consider upgrading document management system if it isn’t able to scale across the enterprise. Maybe it’s too expensive or too complex. Either way, it’s evidence for much-needed change.

An organization often acquires solutions that are specific to a certain department or process. This is done when there is a specific problem that needs to be solved. However, chaos ensues when the organization starts to grow and requires the solution’s expertise across the board.

In such situations, there is no option but to look for an upgrade that will be able to handle things at an enterprise level.

A reduced success rate in classification

Document management systems that offer capture or scanning functionality, along with automatic classification, are favorites among businesses. There is this expectation that the need to pre-sort documents will be done away with.

However, in reality, not all classification engines are equal. Some are effective, while others are absolute failures. So, if your current document management system isn’t exactly delivering good document recognition rates, it might be time for an upgrade.

Lack of efficient accessibility options

Is your system not offering efficient accessibility options?

When answering this question, there are two aspects to consider. First, the right information must be made easily available to the authorized personnel. Second, the security of the system needs to prevent unauthorized access.

The only way to achieve both goals is to establish secure user roles. This approach allows access to specific documents in accordance with permission levels. In other words, only the right people have access to the concerned documents.

Failure to meet regulations

Organizations are required to comply with various standards and regulation. This can be about personnel data, tax, and any kind of sensitive information. Is your current data management system allowing you to comply with such regulations?

If it isn’t, you need to upgrade immediately. Failure to comply is a criminal offense and will cause immense legal troubles.

Too much manual labor

The filing does require some amount of manual labor. However, if you’re doing too much of it, it is an indication of a sub-par document management system. An effective document management system will offer some level of automation to make filing easier.

During this process, you can also look for solutions that provide document scanning and data capturing along with filing automation.

No workflow automation

Does your system have a streamline process flow? Is it extremely difficult to use? If your answers to these questions are a yes, you might have to consider an optimized records framework.

No integration with other applications and databases

Is your current document management system a stand-alone one? Does it have trouble integrating with other applications? If this is so, complications may arise. Businesses need to make the most of their current assets to get the best ROI possible. They also need their current asset for ensuring efficient operations.

This is why every organization needs a document management system that supports integration with various databases and applications.

Complex configuration

Do you find that the current system is hard to configure? Can it be done only by a professional? If yes, this is a major problem. Now, it is highly unlikely that everybody in the office can configure the system. However, it should be possible for everybody to carry out minor adjustments. There should never be a dependence on additional reinforcements. You don’t need a system that costs you more to operate than it does to save money.

This is a clear sign that its time to upgrade your document management system.

So, there you have it – all the reasons you need to seriously start considering upgrading your document management system. If you start observing changes similar to the ones mentioned above, begin looking out for newer options.

A new document management system can help you overcome the older challenges and roadblocks that impeded your growth.

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