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FreightWare Transport Management Software

FreightWare Transport Management Software is a world-class system designed for the courier, break bulk and line haul industries as well as ex-warehouse distribution. FreightWare controls the operational layer for supply chain execution and enhances the effectiveness of the supply chain process.

Dovetail’s FreightWare Transport Management Software Solution is a leading global solution which has been implemented by multi-national corporations to streamline transport management. For transport success, increased visibility, efficiency and optimisation is crucial. Dovetail’s FreightWare transport management software solution was developed, configured and optimised through the years to ensure that it can provide transport success to local and international companies.

FreightWare helps to create operational efficiencies in the following processes:

  • Operational management of collections, deliveries, line-haul and returns management.
  • Creation of trip-sheets for all processes.
  • Chain-store, retail collection and delivery management.
  • Automatic rate calculations.
  • FreightWare helps to create operational efficiencies by managing the processes required to operate in a transport environment. FreightWare will control quotations to ensure accuracy and consistency through to planning trip sheets to effectively manage all types of deliveries and collections.
  • Subcontractor management- operational and financial.
  • Flexible reporting provides you with the management information you need to make the right business decisions.
  • Maintenance functions for key data

The Benefits of FreightWare Transport Management Software:

  • Quoted amounts are carried forward to the invoice, reducing incorrect billing and credit notes.
  • Real-time interaction via SMS or with MobileControl provides effective communication between the driver and warehouse, averting missed collections and unhappy customers.
  • All pertinent information is stored on the waybill for operational and billing purposes.
  • Linehaul management prevents misrouted and provides pre-alerts of incoming consignments.
  • Delivery management ensures returns are tracked and missed deliveries are pre-notified.

For optimised transport processes get in touch and see how and where FreightWare can optimise your operational processes. No matter what your businesses, location or goals, our FreightWare solution can be configured to suit your needs, streamline operations and provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage for transport management SUCCESS!

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