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Technology has changed the way in which goods are transported from the warehouse to the customer. Businesses need to utilize delivery softwares that offer their customers a fuss-free experience. Mobile ePOD software is able to offer assistance to businesses in providing deliveries to their customers in a manner that is efficient, quick and accurate every single time.


Mobile ePOD Software Capabilities

Mobile ePOD is a paperless solution that is designed to offer visibility in the delivery process, it includes the following capabilities:


1. Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is the process in which you confirm that you are picking the right product. This process guarantees accuracy as you get 100% confirmation that you are indeed picking the right product. Picking the wrong product often occurs as they could be products which look the same or have similar names.


2. Delivery and Collections Management

Mobile ePOD software gives you control of the delivery and collections process. It enables you to optimize delivery routes, job tracking, proof of delivery and image capturing. Communication between drivers and the head office is also possible in real-time in the event that an issue arises.


3. Route Planning

Real-time job information allows businesses to plan suitable routes and monitor the progress of the routes. This option ensures that drivers reduce the time they spend on the road and also save fuel.


4. Speedy Invoicing

Proof of delivery information is sent after completed deliveries. These invoices can be submitted immediately which maximizes cash flow for the business. Due to paperless invoices, businesses never have to worry about losing copies of their invoices in the event that a client is unable to find theirs. They can easily type the reference number in the system and it will bring a copy of the ePOD.


5. Driver Tracking

Using handheld devices, drivers and vehicles can be tracked in real-time using updates. These updates include the driver location that is displayed on a digital map. This feature allows customer queries to be dealt with, without distracting the driver.



How Mobile ePOD Software Provides Supply Chain Visibility


Real-time visibility of the supply chain is a must for any logistics company. Mobile ePOD is designed to bring full transparency and traceability of logistics operations. Here are the following ways it is able to do so:


1. Raises Quality of Service

Mobile ePOD software is able to verify the receipt of goods which is a more efficient method of confirmation. This method is faster, more professional and a lot simpler than the paper docket method. It enables you to have all the relevant delivery information at hand, ensuring that the customer receives excellent service.


2. Increases Accuracy 

ePOD software eliminates most of the restrictions that paper-based delivery has. These restrictions are lifted through features such as the photo capturing option, checkboxes, time stamps and notes. This offers the drivers and employees more options to capture data in a much more detailed manner allowing more visibility in the field. This enables you to improve the accuracy of the information that you provide your customers with.


3. Creates Consistent Workflow

All members of the teams are connected through the same application and this enables them to follow the same set of procedures throughout the delivery process. All workers throughout different departments, depots and stages of delivery then collect or create data in a uniformed manner.  This consistency ensures a steady stream of data that is easily accessible to everyone and that is also user friendly.


4. Increases Productivity

The ability to receive and send data in real-time through electronic proof of delivery improves workforce productivity, both in the office and on the road. Drivers and carriers are able to complete more drop offs due to quicker on-site processes. Removing manual data entry allows employees to focus that time on higher-value tasks.


5. Improved Cash Flow due to Elimination of Paperwork

Paper-based delivery means that the collection of data occurs manually and this can be time-consuming & risky as these documents can easily be damaged or lost. Mobile ePOD software is able to reduce the amount of money that is spent of printing as well as the storage of documents. This method ensures that there is an electronic record of delivery, which makes it easier for claims when there are missing or damaged deliveries.


6. Enhances Real-Time Visibility

Information regarding the latest developments can be shared from the field to the office, which allows employees to stay up to date. This visibility increases control over issues while maintaining full transparency. Employees can then manage inventory better as well as the distribution process; which is beneficial when dealing with issues regarding customer expectations.


7. Improves Customer Service

Electronic proof of delivery ensures that customers are informed about their orders throughout the delivery process.

  • Customers receive pre-delivery notifications when they place their order. This allows them to adequately plan their time. These notifications can be sent minutes before the arrival of the delivery.
  • The real-time tracking portal allows customers full visibility of their delivery. It ensures that they are able to accept the delivery as soon as it arrives, and if they can’t, they can get someone who will accept the delivery on their behalf.
  • After the delivery, customers receive confirmation of their delivery locations and instructions. Delivery documents can also be mailed to the customer and this reduces the number of customer queries.




Mobile ePOD software has presented businesses with the opportunity to grow and move into a digital space. This allows them to not only improve their supply chain operations, but it ensures that they do this in a manner that maximizes visibility, establishing trust and transparency.



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